Talent Ideas

【General Guidelines】

Human Resource Management should always insist “Three Must”, use “Three Every”, and carry out “Three About” 

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“Three Must”: To achieve strategic alliance, we MUST possess our own core competence; To take advantages of others, we MUST be willing to give away some benefits to others; To dispatch employees, we MUST treat them well at first. 

“Three Every”: Unite EVERY force that can be united; Utilize EVERY resource that can be utilized; Mobilize EVERY positive factor that can be mobilized. 

“Three About”: About developing the Group’s productivity; About improving the employee’s quality; About making contribution to the society. 

【Human Resource Ideas】

Wanxiang Group believes that the social responsibility is not only to provide superior products, create profits, but most importantly, to cultivate talents, to create talents. 

●Wanxiang’s Recruitment Methodology: 

With virtue and talent, recruit him/her in by all means, could promise high-salary 

With virtue but no talent, recruit him/her in for nonsignificant position, then we can provide training opportunities for that employee’s better performance. 

With neither virtue nor talent, he/she need to earn one's own status in the Group.

Without virtue but has talent, the Group must not recruit him/her in, otherwise, he/she will lead to endless trouble. 

●Employee Principle”

Employees should regard themselves as the masters of the enterprise.

They should: think like masters, work like masters, fulfill the duties of masters, and enjoy the master identity.

●Management Principle:

We provide platforms to everyone for performing their best out; we give chances and encourage employees to have positive competition for team leaders. 

●Position Expected Orientations: 

One practical thing for one day, one new try for one month, one big event for a year, and one meaningful thing in a life time.

【Human Resource Management Mechanism】

●Human Resource Recruitment Mechanism: “Ten-year Contract Mechanism”

●Human Resource Cultivation Mechanism: “Scientific and Technical Personnel as Supervisors”

●Human Resource Development Mechanism: “Professional Specialists Project”

●Human Resource Award Mechanism: “Project Wage System”

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