Wanxiang Research Institute

Wanxiang Research Institute

  • 2000

    patents plus

    Cumulatively applies for more than 2,000 patents in China

In order to be in line with international advanced technology, Wanxiang Research Institute, the predecessor is the Wanxiang Group Technology Center, adopted the company-operation management style. 1996 by the former State Economic and Trade Commission, Ministry of Finance, the General Administration of Customs jointly approved as a national technology center

Back by the establishment of state-level enterprises post-doctoral research station which is approved by the State Ministry of Personnel, the Institute has a total of hundreds of professional R & D and technical personnel.

The institute has national-level automotive parts laboratories, and the study report received the qualifications of 44 countries’ and regions’ mutual recognition. Zhejiang Auto Parts Experimental Base also settled in Wanxiang Research Institute.

Independent intellectual property rights

For a long time, Wanxiang Group paid highly attention to the critical role of intellectual property in the technical innovation of enterprises, established special sector to manage intellectual property, to perfect the intellectual property management system within the Group, to positively implement the national standard of Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Specification. As a proudly independent drafting party of Cardan Joints Standards, Wanxiang participated in drawing up 3 international standards, organized 9 national standards’ formulation, 23 industrial standards, and cumulatively applies for more than 2,000 patents in China. 

In the long journey, Wanxiang Group was successively awarded “State Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise”, “National Patent Industrialization (New Energy Industry) Pilot Base”, “The first batch of National Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Pilot Enterprises”, and “The first batch of National Enterprise Patent Work Exchange Station”. Thus, Wanxiang was so qualified as to take several national patent industrialization promotion projects, and obtained 2 China Patent Excellence Awards.

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